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Design Milk Blog - Spreadsheet Skyline

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With the release of my latest SEATTLE SPREADSHEET SKYLINE I'm reminiscing about the fun articles and blogs written about my Melbourne Spreadsheet Skyline back in 2018, in particular this article from Design Milk, The Spreadsheet Architecture of Emma Stevens.

"Normally the mere mention of a spreadsheet can bring a distant glaze across the eyes of most creatives – the file format perceived as the antithesis of imagination by those desiring to create rather than tabulate. But Australian landscape architect Emma Stevens imagined the mundane Excel spreadsheet as an opportunity rather than an impediment to exploring art, using a tried and true technique of type as a medium to create a vast skyline out of text and cells" 

- Gregory Han, Design Milk

Some great words there from Gregory Han of Design Milk, summing up the essence of my Spreadsheet artworks, and frankly the initial thoughts of many when I try to explain it!   



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